Prydium,Groundbreaking project

Prydium is an ICO project created in 2018, that seeks to instal a new cryptocurrency in the market using blockchain and encryption technology, bringing new possibilities to society.

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Safety and Freedom

The big cryptocurrency differential is the development of its own blockchain, that brings transparency, safety, and facilitate the currency's circulation..

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Fork Litecoin

For being a fork of one of the most prestigious cryptocurrencies of the market, PRY can provide more savings and a distributed network..

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Simplified Transactions.

Prydium technology enables more simplified transactions. Speed and convenience through an automatic validation system..

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With all users participating, the cryptocurrency can be diffused throughout the world, contributing to the development of cryptoassets!.


600 million

to distribution!

250 million

to mine

150 million

to developers



We provide an extremely safe and transparent cryptocurrency using an blockchain exclusive technology.


Through API, we offer the possibility to distribute our partners ICO, increasing our community and creating future liquidity to PRY.

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PRY Payments

A payment system that allows you to buy and sell services using the PRY.!

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Distribution Process PRY (API)

Prydium has a collaborative ICO distribution system. We will not have PRY to distribute to our website. To acquire them, you need to access it through our partners

To become a Prydium partner and redistribute it, all you have to do is to request the installation of our distribution API on our website. Get in touch with our team, fill out the form and wait for us to contact you.